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02MAY2023: Mailing List is a GO!

Welcome to the Works!

The time has finally come to consolidate my rants, site updates, blurbs, and general shitposting into one independent location. As much as I love the Hellsite and twat-world (that is a lie, I despise all social media equally), I have been convinced to move this amalgam of ‘tism onto Substack. And while I will never stoop to uttering the phrase “Please subscribe to my Substack”, I have NO problem requesting that people “sign up for my mailing list” which has been integrated seamlessly into KaleiWorks.net by Patch Digital.

For those of you who have been following me since my days at Anime X, you’re lying, NO ONE could possibly still be stalking me since then. But perhaps those of you who found me on Deviant Art back in the day, or Live Journal, or perhaps even the Arlong Park and New Pork City forums, you’re probably rolling your eyes and wondering how long this new platform will keep my attention. I can’t blame you, I really thought Locals would be my jam, but the format has just been too limited for me to really capitalize on, and had no way for me to integrate it into my personal website. Also a lot has happened between now and the time I signed up for it, most of which I haven’t made privy to anyone here in interweb world, but some of which may come out in due course of an engaging in-person conversation, which will be happening a lot more often!

That’s right! I will be hosting more live panels in the near future! After the smashing success of MEGACON’s Cinema Aficiona LIVE! (beautifully filmed and edited by Hailey Lain) I have been approved for two panels at this year’s Anime Matsuri in Houston, TX! They are titled "Cinema Aficiona: Anime the Lasts" and "YuGiOh! - Kazuki Takahashi's Historically Accurate Fanfiction" I am certain the long time followers of my accounts have a good idea of what is to come in these live discussions, but for you newcomers, I encourage you whole-heartedly to set aside some time and plan a visit to Texas this August! You will not want to miss this opportunity to see a true outpouring of Ye Olde Weeb ranting live on stage.

I would also like to sincerely thank Sealan Cronin of Patch Digital for getting my company site Metanoia Creative up and running, and also setting up this newsletter and mailing list for me! Please consider Patch Digital for all your Digital Solutions, Shay’s technical and social acumen is unparalleled!

And finally, in closing, to all of you who have supported me throughout the years, I offer a sincere and heartfelt THANK YOU! It’s finally time to rev this site up to its full potential, and I cannot wait to gab with you guys about all the amazing things that have been percolating over the years, and those still to come.

Stay tuned!!