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15AUG2022: Gamer Moment

Good Evening All,
I am not sure if many of the people who visit this site know that I am very much into the game Defense of the Ancients 2, more often referred to as Doodots, Dotes, or "Do you know League of Legends?". 
This past weekend Hailey and I had the great pleasure of attending the Arlington Major thanks to my good friend Heather Campbell, and the incredible generosity of the PGL Esports crew.

The games really speak for themselves, and I am always happy to be in the midst of a Dota crowd for their enthusiasm and love of the game. While there are definitely strong camps for each of the teams, in general, the cheering goes both ways and it's just an absolute blast to see a live game being played by people at this high-level of competence. The second game of the final was probably the most fun I've ever had at a live sports venue, bar-none.

The arena was arranged well for the shifting crowds between games, and had an excellent assortment of refreshments, but what I really loved was the attentive ear of the venue to feedback from the arena attendants: Uncomfortable direct lights into the audience only occurred once, low sound on the sports casters was remedied immediately, and the visual overlays for the players were constantly updated. While some may argue nothing beats a good Dota Twitch chat, the crowd and fantastic production was more than enough for me.

I was also able to meet some very cool people working the event and ended up drawing a bit in the good old fashioned graphite and paper method, for which I have added a "Recent Works" page.

To everyone who made this weekend especially memorable, my sincerest thanks. And for those of you who have no idea what I just spoke about, not to worry, the new graphic novel and music video work is continuing despite this gamer weekend extravaganza.