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19DEC2022: Comfort and Joy

Merry Christmas, everyone!

A few updates in Costumes section, added a Dramatic Readings section for CATN in the Audiocast tab, and a new radio advertisement for Clara & The Nutcracker (CATN) featured in Books.  Worked with some fantastic talent for this throwback to the 1990's era of trailers and nostalgic radio drama feel, please enjoy. Also heads up for anyone who hasn't yet grabbed a copy of CATN yet, Lulu has it discounted until Christmas day!

While enjoying time back home with my family, I ended up helping out a friend with a last minute fill-in for her podcast. Keep an ear out for my Mid-Atlantic accented Mrs. Claus in Holley Kelley's uplifting Podcast "Aging GreatFULLy" which will be releasing closer to Christmas Eve.

Last, but not least, I've been floored by a fantastic recommendation from Sercha! Chuck Jones' production of A Christmas Carol (1971), directed by Richard Williams with Ken Harris as master animator, Alastair Sim as Scrooge, and narrated by Michael Redgrave is phenomenal. Aside from being one of the most faithful book adaptations around, the artwork is incredibly done, beautifully mimicking the mid-1800's style of French ink illustrations thanks to the animation talents of Dan Backslide himself. I would highly recommend taking one evening during this joyous season with your family to watch this 25 minute masterpiece, and remember the true meaning of this blessed holiday.