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BEHIND THE CURTAIN: An Animated Musical Extravaganza

This Animated Music Video in the classic black and white rubber hose style of animation was completed as an homage to the tumultuous history of the animation medium. This supernatural thriller was inspired by the rivalry between Max Fleischer and Walt Disney Studios, titular characters of the 1920's era, and modern stories that call back to this early time in the development of the animation medium. Please enjoy this catastrophic cabaret 2 years in the making!

✪ ✪ Song available for purchase on all major platforms! ✪ ✪ https://open.spotify.com/album/445jIb...

Directed by: Hailey Lain https://www.keyblack.net/ and Jessica Sheffield https://www.kaleiworks.net/

Dramaturg: Monpian

Animation Supervisor & Modeler: Ewa Różańska https://www.deviantart.com/chocolatemoth

Storyboards & 2D Animation: Hailey Lain

3D Technical Artist: Mitchell Wierenga https://masterworkstudio.com/

3D Animators:
Mario Ferrer Dénia (https://twitter.com/maelwiggin/)
Mario García García ( / @mariogarcia3danimation265 )
Sergio Gil (https://www.instagram.com/seryeet3d/)
Núria Murgui Gómez (https://vimeo.com/691373388)
Sangwook Lee (https://www.sangwookeedesigns.com)

Music Written & Composed by:
Hailey Lain
Jessica Sheffield

Samuel Fuentes (https://www.fiverr.com/samueldfuentes)
Cody Fullbrook ( / @mrcodyname )
Alicia Michelle (https://www.aliciamichellemusic.com/)

Hailey Lain as The Angel
Ty Harper as The Director

Vocal Direction by Jessica Sheffield

Brazilian Portuguese translation provided by @Anonymous529_BR
Turkish translation provided by @mebiyoutube