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KaleiWorks at Anime Matsuri 2023

The Works attended Anime Matsuri 2023 in Houston, TX to present two panels and table in Artist's Alley with Key Black Studios and Monpian!

While the panels were published a little while ago, I discovered that we still had a whole heap of footage from the between-times, including some very humorous conversation from visitors to the KaleiWorks booth, and post-panel talks with con attendees including @nerdrotic and @TheCriticalDrinker

With this recovered footage, I’d like to present this humorous collection of candid moments from last year’s phenomenally successful convention, edited by Key Black Studios, and set to the impeccable beats of Akira the Don!

Presented by Metanoia Creative https://metanoia.llc/
Editing by Hailey Lain https://www.keyblack.net/
Music by Akira the Don https://www.akirathedon.com/
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