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Rise of Balxiros: A heroic fantasy adventure.

The evil exploits of the nefarious sorcerer Balxiros Nul Sagar were once well known. He reigned supreme over the lands, having successfully resurrected Levith, God of Evil and the Draconic. After a great battle, the sorcerer was defeated by an unlikely cadre of heroes, ending his tyrannical rule.

Even after his defeat, Balxiros’s corpse continued to exude malefic control over any who were near, and thus, it was cut into parts and sanctified within five of the greatest cities in the known world. Additionally, Balxiros’s eye and clawed thumb, plucked and cleaved from him during the battle, were passed on to the children of the House Navari for generations.

Now, over a century later, the consequences of the infamous sorcerer's machinations are resolved, and the journey of our heroes concludes.

Additional artwork for the campaign can be found at Keyblack.net
Music by Billy "The Bard 11th" Qvarnström [link]
*These recordings are candid, expect candid language.

13 FEB 2021
Host: Jessica K. Sheffield
Berkley Tate - Human Cleric
Finn Arcus - Human Fighter
Zephyr - Elf Wizard
Valir - Human Fighter/Bard
Editing: Hailey Lain
Music Credits:
Jeremy Soule
Makai Symphony
Darren Curtis