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The Rise of Balxiros: Dagger Fall

The evil exploits of the sorcerer Balxiros Nul Sagar were once well known, but time has numbed memory of those old days. Now as the world begins its dark march, a traveling priest and his unlikely allies find themselves targets of a deadly cult sewing chaos across the lands.

These lost episodes of The Rise of Balxiros are now brought to life with artwork, voices, and music in an animatic trailer. Premiered first at the Megacon 2024 panel - Self Published: Writing From The Heart.

Listen to the entire Rise of Balxiros Audio Drama at KaleiWorks.net https://www.kaleiworks.net/prologue

Presented by Metanoia Creative https://metanoia.llc/
Written and Directed by Jessica Kalei Sheffield https://www.kaleiworks.net/
Editing by Keyblack Studios https://www.keyblack.net/
Artwork by Hailey Lain and Jessica Kalei Sheffield https://www.keyblack.net/sketches-and...
Voices by Jessica Kalei Sheffield and Ty Harper https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_nnM4...
Music by Savfk https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXlp...